Accomodation and location

The following hotels give special prices and have a quota by a special reservation code available for NORCHIP and SoC delegates. Please make the reservation to the hotel of your choice as soon as possible!

The new Tower Hotel, Hotel Villa and Holiday Inn are within a short walk (100-300 meters) from the conference venue. Hotel Cumulus Rautatienkatu and Scandic Station are near the railway station, about 0.5 km from Tampere Hall. All prices include breakfeast.

The following hotels have pre-negotiated quota and pricing for 2014 conference attendees.

Hotel Single Room Double Room Code Reserve by Email
Holiday Inn Tampere 125 euro 145 euro SoC-seminaari Sept. 26
Hotel Cumulus Rautatienkatu 119 euro 144 euro SoC-seminaari Sept. 26
Scandic Tampere Station 119 euro 139 euro SOC261014 Oct. 11
Sokos Hotel Villa 129 euro 149 euro SoC-seminaari Aug. 31
Sokos Tornihotelli (Tower Hotel) 139 euro 159 euro SoC-seminaari Sept. 26

Other hotels - and the contact information and location of the contract hotels - can be found at Tampere Hotels page. Please note that there are also inexpensive self-service hotels with internet reservation only (e.g. Omenahotelli, Dream Hostel and Hotel Ville). You could try your luck also, e.g., in

The conference will take place at:

Tampere Hall
Yliopistonkatu 55
FI-33101 Tampere